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1979: 1979: "Edgecomb's Foreign Auto" on Pantops Mountain

The story of Edgecomb’s begins half a world away, when Gary and Betsy were stationed in Hawaii during his Marine Corps service in the early 1960s. There, Gary built on his youthful enthusiasm for turning wrenches, learning to work on radial-engined aircraft and driving his first Volvo – Gary’s brother KC was also stationed in Hawaii, and left his treasured 1962 544 with Gary and Betsy whenever his Coast Guard duties took him out to sea.

Returning home to upstate New York, Gary worked at a Volkswagen dealership, while Betsy honed her bookkeeping skills at Xerox. A few years and three children later, they combined their talents and opened their first business, Edgecomb’s Service Center, in 1969.

Moving to sunnier Charlottesville in 1975, Gary and Betsy built the house they still live in, and eventually added two more children to the family. In 1979, they opened another shop, Edgecomb’s Foreign Auto, on Pantops Mountain. Now they expanded into used car sales. Specializing in Volvos, Volkswagens, and select Japanese makes, the Edgecombs’ dealership would emphasize honesty, quality, and a personal experience. Gary pioneered no-haggle pricing, along with free loaner cars, and Edgecomb’s continues to offer the best warrantees around.

Over the years, Edgecomb’s Auto Sales and Service has grown, but we’ve remained a family business. All the Edgecomb children have worked at ‘the shop’, and we consider the rest of the staff to be family too. We now service all makes and models, while still specializing in Volvos. Tim is bringing new energy to the leadership role, and Nikki is guiding us from her poolside office in Tucson as we enter a new era. Sheri still acts as an advisor, passing on twenty-four years of experience managing and growing the business. Zoé no longer repairs dents or cooks lunch for the mechanics, but she does occasionally lend a creative hand. And we’re pretty sure Nico is still supervising from somewhere.

Edgecomb's Family Portrait

Over the years, Edgecomb’s Auto Sales and Service has grown, but we’ve remained a family business. All of the Edgecomb children have worked at ‘the shop’, and we consider the rest of the staff to be family too.
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We're a tight-knit group who are passionate about what we do.

Gary & Betsy Edgecomb

Gary and Betsy Edgecomb started Edgecomb's Imported Auto in 1979, after having owned a similar business in Rochester, New York. While raising five children, they worked as a team to establish a reputation for honesty and integrity in both service and sales. Gary and Betsy believe strongly in giving back to their community. In addition to offering their home as a shelter for runaway teens, helping to rebuild after hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, and acting as goodwill ambassadors through the Friendship Force, they have helped numerous individuals, families, and non-profit organizations over the years. Technically, Gary and Betsy are retired. However, Gary can still be found selling a car from time to time or renovating the office. They both remain very involved in offering their wisdom and guidance to the current management team.

Charlotte Tisdale

Charlotte began her relationship with Edgecomb’s as a customer, buying one of her first cars here. As a true Volvo enthusiast she was a natural when she decided to pursue a career here. Throughout her career, Charlotte has strived to provide her customers with the highest level of service possible. In doing so, she has developed a knack for creating real relationships with her customers. As the Sales Manager , Charlotte has been involved in developing a variety of new services for our customers, such as a range of financing options, and expanding our sales selection

Tim Edgecomb

Tim is the youngest of the five Edgecomb children. He grew up immersed in a world of cars, and Edgecomb’s. He was helping out with customers by age 13 while he waited for his dad to finish work. Tim joined the Edgecomb’s team in 2010 in facilities management, where he was able to use his landscaping skills to maintain our beautiful property. Two years later he returned to the service arena and is now advising customers in the best and most economical way possible. Tim loves a challenge, and getting the bottom of our customer’s car questions is one of the things he loves best about his job.

Larry Houchens

Larry has been part of the Edgecomb’s family since 1981, when he accepted a temporary position helping Gary move the shop from our first location on Pantops Mountain-where the new BMW store recently was built-to our second location just up the hill. He and Gary got along so well that Larry stayed on and has become a jack of all trades, maintaining our property, trimming the trees, and fixing the roof. These are just a few things Larry might be doing in between his primary job of turning wrenches. Because of Larry’s experience working so closely with Gary for years, he knows just how Gary wants the cars prepared for sale. That’s why he’s a perfect fit to be our Senior Used Car Technician, going through each car from head to toe before they go out for sale.

Sheri Edgecomb

The second oldest of the five Edgecomb children, Sheri has been with the company since 1995. As a child she got to know Volvos riding around in the family’s 1963 Volvo 122 wagon, and spent many hours watching her dad, Gary, turning wrenches. Although she never acquired the repair skill that her sister Nikki is known for, she did inherit a true appreciation for cars. Sheri is happy to be working for a company that always keeps fairness and integrity at the forefront. She is especially proud to be active in helping to maintain a business that treats everyone equally, takes environmental concerns seriously, and believes in a fair wage.